Welcome to the U70 Technical Section – all of our in-house product range is manufactured within the stringent testing and performance criteria that are laid down in the specification guide for PVCu fabrication. This accreditation is thoroughly checked and vetted by twice a year and the inspection entails any new materials, design changes, hardware/furniture and office 'housekeeping' have been introduced or simply added to or expanded so as to encompass traceability of relating to faults, substandard components, failure in any part of the completed product alongside any updated processing procedures i.e. new software programmes.

The 'type test reports' displayed below cover a range of products that U70 currently holds accreditation for – it should be noted that a certain amount of these are required / mandatory to achieve the prestigious Secure By Design status, of which U70 has coverage for Windows, single Residential, French double and Composite Doors with various forms of specification – currently all U70 manufactured products (excluding any Residence Collection products) are under new testing from BSI – report details to shortly be disclosed including scope of works.     (up-dated: July/August 2017)

The Third Party products, for example the Evolve Vertical Slider (a Synseal made product) also carries a Certass accreditation which is another industry recognised test facility and approval organisation. Many of the other Third Party products i.e. Composite Door slabs also have been verified by various testing bodies and carry an approved and accepted certification status.

It is our aim to constantly maintain quality and reliable products during all fabrication stages and follow through with lasting performance for the end user this regular assessment of all our product range improves us as a company and supplier and helps to establish U70 as one of the leading PVCu Trade Manufacturers within the South East of the country – please look out for our bespoke quality Q Mark identification labels which carry our unique CE Marking within the outer frame rebate area.      (soon to be launched)

Success Is A Continual Process