Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding doors are an attractive and contemporary alternative to large French door combination frame sets. They can discretely operate and fold back open to create an area of space and introduce vast amounts of light. This type of product (opening in or out) can be installed so as to provide an ideal setting for alfresco style dining, summer barbeques and outdoor living. 

These beautiful doors are fabricated with many advanced design features - such as concealed locking hardware - excellent insulation due to glazing composition & profile technology and can in both cases be used as a `Room Divider` in the case of a lounge leading into a conservatory area. There is a wide choice of colour options in both the Aluminium & PVCu product - dual colours and textures* can also be specified (*Aluminium only). Both products are internally glazed for security reasons.

Aluminium Type

Many of the features are both common in this product and the PVCu doors. A point to bear in mind is that with Aluminium the actual door leaf can be made larger in width 1000mm (there is available an optional 1200mm width) compared to 900mm this slight advantage may be the solution when certain aperture widths will deem necessary to introduce an additional door leaf in PVCu over Aluminium. Also large spans in PVCu, especially when coloured foils are specified, may warrant the Aluminium product for expansion & contraction reasons. The sleek appearance of these doors is formed with slim contours to both the outer range frame & the 2 sash options. You will find below a link to the main brochure. 


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Size guidelines
Bi-Fold Door (Aluminium) 
Max:                   Min:

2 Pane 2000mm   2 Pane 1500mm
3 Pane 3100mm   3 Pane 2200mm
4 Pane 4100mm   4 Pane 3100mm 
5 Pane 5100mm   5 Pane 3800mm
6 Pane 6000mm   6 Pane 4600mm 

Maximum height: 2400mm including any cill
Sash sizes: Min width 750mm & Max width 1000mm 


PVC Type

The low maintenance PVCu doors share many of the common features of its Aluminium counterpart (please note the door leaf size is reduced using this product - maximum width is 900mm). There is a different choice of colours and furniture within this range of panoramic doors, such as the range of Renolit foils (please view the online brochure) including the introduction of Irish Oak foil or Black Ash on plain internal white profile - sight lines between the two products are similar, but please refer to the sectional schematics for exact dimensions. 

Aesthetically both products have corresponding lines but the gaskets are concealed due to a trim section between the floating door leafs. Recent developments have seen the newly appointed Low Aluminium (weather tested) threshold system this can be incorporated into many of the door design / styles. 


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Size guidelines
Bi-Fold Door (PVC - ASPECTS) 
Max:                   Min:

2 Pane 1850mm   2 Pane 1200mm
3 Pane 2700mm   3 Pane 1500mm
4 Pane 3500mm   4 Pane 2000mm 
5 Pane 4400mm   5 Pane 2500mm
6 Pane 5200mm   6 Pane 3000mm 

Maximum height: 2330mm including any cill
Sash sizes: Min width 600mm & Max width 900mm 

Bi-Fold Door Variations

Bi-Fold PVCu Door Collection

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U70 R9 Bi-Fold


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Bi-Fold Doors

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