Energy Ratings

U70 sealed unit construction 

All U70 units comprise of Planitherm Total + (Saint Gobain) Inner pane with 90 % Argon 10% Air filled cavity either 20mm (or two 14mm cavities in the case of triple units) with a Warm Edge (standard - black finish) spacer bar - Planilux / Float (Saint Gobain) Outer pane with a 4mm Polysulfide secondary seal and finished with safe handling tape - all with a 10 year guarantee.  

Combining energy-efficient frames and insulating glass is critical to deliver the required overall window thermal performance. Whether you use the BFRC, BSI Kitemark, FENSA or Certass Energy Rating scheme U70 Window & Door PVC-U products coupled with the U70 sealed IGU product are the ideal choice for a thermally efficient specification.

Window Energy Ratings

Window Energy Ratings are design simulations that can accurately calculate how energy-efficient a specified window will be in use. The WER system is based on a scale of A-G, with A-rated windows being the most energy-efficient. Up to 25% of heat within homes escapes through windows, so the consumers are increasingly demanding A-rated windows to retain domestic heat and lower energy bills. A Window Energy Rating applies to a whole window (frame section and gaskets, reinforcement and the glass composition) rather than the frame or glass components individually

Sealed insulated glass units, custom-made to project specifications

Glass can be supplied as a double glazed (DGU) and triple glazed (TGU) insulated unit, with a range of tinted colours and coatings to suit each project, including clear and patterned glass types, solar coated glass, Low-E glass, low maintenance and Argon or even Krypton gas-filled options.

Advantages of the U70 Multi-Chambered System

U70 windows can be provided in 5 & 7 chambered heat reduction profiles which can revolutionise the energy efficiency ratings of the product when using a standard double glazed unit or enhanced further when introducing triple glazing. 

The system performs exceptionally well in flammability testing. In a the unthinkable instance of a typical domestic fire the occupants are more likely to suffer from the inhalation effects (burning carpets, settees, curtains etc) before the PVCu in the windows has even begun to emit smoke or fumes.

In conclusion a combination of multi-chambered PVC-U window frame profile, spacer bar and high performance glass will create the most thermally-efficient product.

A-Rated U70 Door Option

U70 are now able to offer an A-rated door energy rating option within the Chamfered or Decorative profile system. For fully glazed single doors, a 40mm triple glazing unit comprising of two panes of Low-E glass, Argon gas fill, and Swiss V spacer bar is used. The new multi-chamber door outer frame is the result of continuous profile development and makes it possible to give the option even when full steel reinforcement is required.




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