Factory Tour

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From humble beginnings on a commercial farm site, 
U70  has grown and developed into one of the leading PVCu Window and Door fabricators within the South East. The entire operation is currently based along Freebournes Road in Witham (Essex) just leading off from the main A12 towards London. The factory is a modern 35,000 Sq. ft. unit securely surrounded to provide staff and customer parking there is also a separate area to the side of the factory large enough to cater for all sizes of delivery vehicles that supply various production materials.                

The manufacturing capacity is around 1200 items per week although this is generally maintained at 70% allowing for movement in sales, fast-track jobs and the ever increasing demand of contract work which may be required in short term periods and can cause large 'spikes' in manufacturing figures. However, these trends are admirably catered for with the intervention of 'State of Art' machinery and modern bar coded software programmes – all of which are costly necessities but form the backbone and philosophy of the company.

All U70 frames are fully Kite marked and accredited with many of the industry’s highest BSI standards ranging from manufacture, processing, quality control energy ratings and in conjunction with full CE declaration. Certain products can be further specified to meet the popular Secure By Design scheme.