Unfortunate news!

Due to the direct rise in base metal costs (and some contributory type suppliers) U70 Ltd have now had to absorb a price increase of 9 % from Window-Widgets resulting mainly in the value of the U70 Bay Pole assemblies and range of coupling sections being affected.

This net rise of 2.5% will only be levied over a small amount of the U70 metal based ancillary range and will be incorporated within all quotes/orders from the mid-June 2017. 

Please note all U70 customers who operate the Evo online processing system will naturally find that this change has been carried within the programme to fall in line with the timescale above so as to compensate this costing fluctuation. 

My sincere thanks in anticipation to your continuing placed business over this somber news 

Martin Killick
MD - U70 Ltd