Virtual Tour Film Of U70 - Online !

Soon to be launched will be the virtual tour of the factory and product range available to all U70 customers. This short but visually en-lighting movie clip will show the actual factory site and entrance to the company and then enter the production area, then by means of a well presented & scripted display will take you through the manufacturing process and at the same time show all other related types of window & door frames that U70 can offer and supply.

The short film has a backing sound track, the same as the one used within the new phone system - this to try and create a subliminal synergy so if a potential customer views the movie clip and then decides to contact the company the same music can be heard, perhaps making a connection. Another reason for the visual aid is that it will help to promote the company's image by simply allowing our new future customers an in-depth view of the size, type, range and professionalism that we can offer as a supplier of quality made goods and in turn substantiate the overall brand of why not take a few minutes and see for yourself (it may surprise you) !!

Solidor / R9 Composite Door Order Form

Finally after much discussions with Solidor and confirmation of the specifications available for the recently launch R9 Composite door we have managed to up-date the current Solidor Order form to include many of the new features that can be requested for the Solidor Door range and also include the relevant details when ordering / quoting for the R9 Composite door ! The R9 door has the visual benefit of a mechanical jointed outer frame to compliment the R9 windows that we at U70 produce - the choice is almost as extensive as the actual standard Solidor range with a few colour skins not available at this moment in time but with a great USP which is the overall slab thickness is 62mm !! For all other details please contact either Allan or Keith initially for more information.

New Trickle Ventilation

After a very long period of use it has been decided to change manufacturer and design of the Trickle Vent option - in the past we have supplied the Greenwood Air Vac type but with the ever increasing demand for `coloured` vents as in Black or Grey for example, or in the case of the R9 product range we have had to spray paint the vents to the required colour to match. Obviously, this has incurred additional costs and a longer lead time - there has also been a change in certain new build projects whereby the ventilation area has been increased for various criteria reasons therefore we have chosen to use the Titon range of vents - 1700EA (small), 2700EA (standard) and 5000EA (large) - they are available in a wide choice of `standard` colours and foiled options are also possible. The change over period should be completed by mid October (old type can still be supplied but via special request at time of order)    

New Phone Marketing System

I am sure by now that anyone who has rang into the office has experienced the`On Hold`marketing system we now have in place it is simply to promote our products and services to anyone new calling the company and also to make some of our existing customers aware of newer frames we have to offer - the background music will also be used for the `Virtual Factory Tour Film`(soon to be launched). The music is to try and maintain a continuity undertone for when a potential customer views the website film and then contacts us, there is a common, but subtle link in the background recalling the callers memory of the factory in operation and that they are now actually going to speak to someone there !  

Patio Door Order Form

We have after many requests launched an order form that is solely dedicated for the Evolve Patio Door - the form can be simply used for a quote or obviously as a direct order. It clearly shows all of the door styles and door leaf sizes and maximum / minimum overall limitations, along with all of the coloured foil options (please be aware that not all foil options can be offered with the U70 white internal finish - this will be in the Synseal Shield shade of white). All of the hardware range is displayed for choice also the different type of Threshold details available and the technical data concerning the Add-On section in-connection with the Trickle Vents, the form is displayed within the Download Section and can be used with immediate effect.