Price Increase Due To Rise In Material Costs

It has been widely reported throughout 2014 that many raw materials and manufacturing components have been subjected to increased costs; this obviously has a profound effect on producing goods. The Window Fenestration industry is part of that same scenario and with similar types of governing factors which has left Ultimate 70 to review all cost based materials for fabrication.  

As a result of various discussions to mitigate these increases in base cost materials it is an unfortunate situation but some of these costs will have to be passed on in certain areas. It is worth noting that it has almost been 4 years since U70 have had to administer any kind of price uplift, however, with the rise in certain key materials, hardware and general overhead costs it has left U70 having to introduce from the 1st September 2014 a price increase to all manufactured products.

We hope the overall cost difference does not have an adverse effect on our customer base and that they accept and of course understand, that it is a fundamental factor of the general economics of any business that periodically cost bases have to be checked and balanced.

One piece of good news U70 would like to state and obviously promote is that after rigorous testing on a slightly modified window specification that in the very near future, all windows manufactured will meet the high standard of the "Secure By Design" accreditation without any surcharge! (However, please note it is still the responsibility of the contractor to request the introduction of laminate glass if required).

We would like to take this opportunity to genuinely `thank our customers` for their business over the past and we trust for the years to follow, which in turn has made us the window & door supplier we are today !       


New Factory Banners

Finally, we have all the company display banners in place, a total of five large colour screens depicting all the PVC and Ali products that we either manufacture or supply, with all of our necessary contact details - this has now created a much `sort after` presence along the busy industrial link road to the trading estate. The positioning of the banners are now in the correct line of sight for any person travelling along the roadway in either direction and should generally make local people more aware of the company and the products that U70 have to offer.    

`Radlington` Cill

This new cill compliments the R9 window perfectly - it is a 55mm interpretation of an old deep timbered cill and creates an even more traditional appearance to the overall R9 window. The product allows for packing, expansion and bay-pole jacks. All of the R9 colours are available and also  a `plain` white version that can be used in conjunction with all of the U70 range of windows & doors !  

R9 Composite Door Frame

At long last the entrance to your property can be enhanced with introduction of a fully complimented Front or Side Composite Door, set within a 100mm outer frame to match the existing windows frame the actual door leaf is 62mm and is in conjunction with Solidor range with almost all of the R9 colours in stock, this has also been specifically designed to work with all the current furniture options that Solidor can offer. 

Online U70 Technical Manual

The revised online technical manual is now 'live' and contains various pieces of information relating to the Legend range of profiles, cross sections, bay assemblies, glazing codes of practice, general surveying, measuring for conservatories, installation notes and many other details - to Log-In (firstly, please contact Allan or Keith for the current password) go to the area Accreditation / Technical and then select the Online Technical Manual then simply use the password & enter !