Advertising the NEW website for U70

Finally it is has been launched ! The new U70 Website, this has been designed to function and display on all types of communication i.e. mobile phones, hand held tablets and desk top computers. The website has been designed to aid our ever growing customer base as to facts and information to our products and specifications but also to act as a means of a library of sales literature, sectional drawings, technical data, explaining industry terminology/jargon, energy regulations and standards etc. It is in essence to function as `your very own website`. It will be continually updated over the months to follow and will be used as a forum for notifying any changes within the company or product, news and general information. Our aim is to display as much detail and photographs to endorse our customers reputation and profile by means of written and visual material without the end user having to seek business elsewhere - of course this is not possible but by having this `background` support we hope that you and your customers can reflect and be assured that they will be dealing with reputable company's with accredited products and great service. 

En-Route Communications

With the introduction of our new truck the mobile phone provider was taken to task and a new contract with Vodafone has resulted in all drivers within the delivery vehicles being able to make & receive calls and also accept emails - this will aid with any damages that may occur where by an image can be taken at any point of the route and simply sent back to the main office for an immediate course of action. It is the current drivers code of practice to call each customer prior to leaving the previous destination so as to inform them of approximate time of arrival so as the delivery can be made swiftly and with the least amount of time being required of the customers.      

One more for the road !

With the increase in business for Ultimate 70 during late 2013 and through into 2014 the distribution coverage and delivery days have had to be reviewed - this has been a worthwhile exercise and resulted in another 7.5 Tonne truck being introduced to the company - time has been spent to equip the vehicle with necessary racking and of course another driver ! This has enabled other areas that have increased in sales volume to be run more economically and efficient, as prior to this addition the service was being provided by third party courier / hire type companies at a premium rate.  

Artisan Coloured Foils

With the advent of `coloured` windows and doors becoming more and more popular U70 have reduced their costs of all manufactured Artisan Foiled items to reflect the `up-turn in market trends` the internal software system has been updated to accommodate the wide choice of colours and options and stock levels increased, however it is still wise to work within a 4-6 week delivery period due to certain criteria.   

Residence Nine - Rise in Sales

Following the introduction of the R9 range of windows & colours - MD Martin Killick is very pleased with the continual growth in sales. This recent increase in orders has resulted in the original manufacturing floor area having to be doubled, although a nice position to be placed in it does present its own set of issues that will require addressing.