A modular system that offers a series of upgrade options

Capella is a modular system that offers a series of upgrade options for a standard K2 conservatory roof to achieve a customised orangery look, whilst avoiding the extra building work or added cost associated with fully structural orangeries.

With three gutter and two internal soffit design options, Capella is a highly flexible system solution which can even be retro-fitted to an existing K2 conservatory roof in some cases, subject to project restrictions. In addition to a standard PVC-U gutter, Capella orangery style gutter options include a high-fronted integrated aluminium gutter to conceal the end of the glazed roof rafters, or an attractive aluminium fascia over PVC-U gutter solution which is an adaptation of the popular Global Summer design.

Internally, Capella can provide orangery soffits allowing inclusion of downlighters and speakers through two methods of construction. Internal brackets capped top and bottom with PVC boards and faced with Cascade or Options trims can be used to create a shelf-style soffit which is 123mm in height and 170mm or 317mm in depth, according to specification. Alternatively, a fully plastered soffit is available which uses easy-to-fit angle brackets to create a soffit which can be 300mm or 600mm in depth, and can range from 278mm to 418mm in height to accommodate 20˚, 25˚ (standard) or 30˚ roof pitches, according to project specification.



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