Integra is a classic and sturdy traditional brick-built orangery design.

Integra includes a lantern roof and wide perimeter gutter system supported inside the cavity wall, and discreetly concealed from view behind the external parapet.

The Integra system features an insulated “warm roof” construction that fully meets all Building Regulations and utilises modern materials to best effect – high strength structural aluminium replaces timber, and an integrated aluminium gutter replaces traditional flat roof membranes. The perimeter gutter has a polyester powder coat external finish and can be walked on in safety for maintenance purposes, due to the strength of the construction.

Integra provides a full one-stop solution for brick perimeter orangery roofs and is supplied to project-specific dimensions as an easy-to-fit kit, with no additional cutting or drilling of aluminium sections required, so that site installation can be carried out speedily and with precision.



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