U70 Warranty

All specific guarantee details only relate to supplied U70 products/components. This excludes any other item of product/material used within the installation process (and building works if carried out). This Guarantee does not provide service, maintenance work, or incur any form of consequential payments being made due to faulty products, labour costs or through any form of Third Party loss of earnings.

U70 warranty does not provide any form of servicing, responsibility and liability towards the installation; this also relates to building works & overall finish within a property and does not provide any FENSA, or similar organised endorsement, when the products have been completed. All of the products supplied via a sales agent, installer or contractor will have all necessary CE and WER (where applicable) certification as part of the overall warranty policy.

U70 warranty in relation to all of the supplied furniture and hardware throughout all of its manufactured and Third Party Products will cover the functioning and reliability of any of the relative components for a period of 1 Year (this is subject to the discretion of the Managing Director) and is based upon the independent suppliers guarantee of the aforementioned.

U70 warranty cannot be extended should the sales agent/contractor ceases trading, but in the unlikely case an issue arises from the actual manufactured product, not a Third Party Product or a fault arising from the installation, then in permitted circumstances U70 Ltd would evaluate the evidence involving the issue raised, but reserves the right to extend any governing guarantees. It is imperative that in any situation of this nature ALL initial communication is to be made in writing and sent to main factory/office address for the attention of the Managing Director.

U70 General Ruling:  All manufactured Legend 70 and Residence9 Windows, Doors and Conservatories (inc colour sprayed products) are guaranteed for 10 Years  from the date of delivery, against all defects in materials, but subject to profile shape, dimension and resistance to natural weathering and daylight, this applies to all THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS Evolve Vertical Sliders & Patio Doors, Ultraframe & Global Roofs (Brown/Caramel gutters are excluded from any additional warranties, the product is to be checked at the time of delivery to be of satisfactory quality and in accordance with the specification, and any defect is too made within 14 days from date of delivery), Decorative Hallmark Panels, Solidor & Door Stop Door Slabs, Aspect Bi-Fold Doors, Smarts Aluminium Bi-Fold & Patio Doors.

The following detailed clauses then apply to the relative products listed:

U70 warranty for Legend 70 foiled profiles (on a white/coloured substrate), Deep Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Cream, both White Woodgrains, Rustic Cherry, Irish Oak, Antique Oak foils is for 7.5 Years. All other 'Renolit Foils' and AnTeak foil is for 5 Years. In the case of Hallmark Panels, their 'Renolit' range carries a 1 Year & the 'Hornschuch' range carries a 5 Years warranty. 


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The Door Stop Dark Wood & Light Oak finished door slabs carry a 5 Years warranty from the date of manufacture. It should be noted that with all Composite Door slabs external fading issues are considered acceptable as with the tolerances contained within Grey Scale Rating 3-4 according to BSEN ISO11341 (for paints and varnishes) in respect of everyday use, the door leafs should not blister, chip, crack, flake or peel within warranty period. Please note that thermal movement will occur within PVCu & Timber products, and is normal. The product will revert back within its natural flat plane tolerances (set by the door slab manufacturer) providing that the installation guide lines have been observed and carried out.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the End User's responsibility to carry out ALL routine maintenance 
(as described) to ensure Warranty Validity


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