Glass Guarantee Details                                                                                                                                   

U70 warranty relating to sealed units within U70 manufactured products and roof units is 10 years and is confined whilst operating within the concise but general scopes, boundaries and codes of practice of the GGF as defined below: 

(Third Party Products fall within their own specific guarantees) 

In all instances brought under review, both panes of glass (excluding a 50mm band around the perimeter of the unit) shall be viewed in natural daylight conditions at 90degrees and at a distance of 2metres - this applied to the following rulings stated below. 

Transparent glass shall be deemed acceptable even with the following appearances; Seeds, bubbles/blisters, minute embedded particles or fine scratches (less than 25mm long) are found even if obtuse or bunched. Blemishes will be viewed by looking through the glass at 90 degrees and in natural daylight conditions.

It should be noted that any form of energy coating or colour within the unit can produce tints, marks or blemishes beyond manufacturing control and accepted by the BSI. 

Patterned/Decorative glass is manufactured in large sheets with the spacing and centralisation of the design, therefore with repetition, exact matches cannot be met.

It should be noted that with all types of glass and all grades of energy rated glass, any form of condensation cannot be fully eliminated, but is generally greatly reduced.


Glass Guarantee

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